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August 28, 2018 6:26 am

August 28, 2018 6:26 am

Var addthis_pub = "cyndihow"; An access in only one click to civil records of Metropolitan France Overseas Territories and Old French Colonies It contains civil records by departments and by communes The access by department is by department number by alphabetical order or by region or through a very visible huge map clicking in every department The access to communes includes a detail with the address and phone and e-mail of every commune conserving its own civil records and a list apart of all the communes on line It also has an access to French Overseas records (when available): Guadeloupe Saint Pierre et Miquelon Martinique Guyane Reunion etc Also includes a conversion of dates of French Republican Calendar to our conventional calendar and a report about how to preserve old documents papers and photographs and their illnesses It's actually considered in France one of the best resources for French records research The site has a version in English other one in French and other in Spanish. Advertisements --> Advertisements Advertisements - Free Family History and Genealogy Records France Coutances Catholice Diocese 1802-1907 Images of Catholic parish registers recording events of baptism and burial in the Diocese of Coutances within the Department of Manche. Advertisements (adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); Advertisements France » Birth Death.

Lisa90 - Territory-de-Belfort's Archives Records Transcription of the parish records (civil records) of the region of Belfort (part of the old department of Haut-Rhin) in partnership with the Departmental Archives Migranet Designed and developed by fusionSpan Over the last twenty years I have analysed many birth and death acts for my personal use from the Archives in Brussels and Paris These are the seven databases which I now propose to make available to the general public free of charge on this site - France Coutances Catholic Diocese 1802-1907 FREE Images of Catholic parish registers recording events of baptism and burial in the Diocese of Coutances Parishes in this diocese lie within the department of Manche Copyright © 1996-2018 Cyndi Ingle All Rights Reserved. French Civil Record Index for Select Villages in Bas-Rhin Index to French Civil records for the following villages: Asswiller Butten Mackwiller Niederstinzel Waldhambach from about 1793-1872 French Civil Records Courchaton France Church Records 1670-1852 Original source: Banet Charles Rev Courchaton France Church Records 1670-1852 Rensselaer IN USA: Charles.

- Search Birth & Death Records has searchable indexes; database results and some digitized images are available with a fee-based subscription. A database of 45,000 French s in which one of the a people is a migrant (married in another department or country other than that of.

Advertisements Why Donate to Cyndi's List? Advertisements - France Haute-Garonne Toulouse Church Records 1539-1793 FREE Church records (registres paroissiaux) of baptisms s and burials within the custody of the Municipal Archives of Toulouse (Archives municipales de Toulouse) Includes banns ( de mariages) Most records are for Catholics although there are a small quantity of available records for Protestants Availability of records is largely dependent on time period and locality. Microfilm of documents of civil status for the area of Gironde France (the Bourdeaux area) Free Search the records by entering a Commune (town) and use the drop down lists to find records Will open in a new browser Then select a record You will see a small orange icon on the record lists on the left if the record is online L.I.S.A 90