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August 27, 2018 8:58 am

August 27, 2018 8:58 am

Play with your friends and try out new styles together with make up games and dress up games or play a skills game and compete high scores has the biggest collection of games New games are added. First of all those of you who may not know what a personal pronoun? Well in Englh you know them as "I" "you" "he" "she" "it" etc But today we're going to talk about "I" In Englh when you refer to yourself as the subject of a sentence you ALWAYS use word no matter what example: "I kicked the ball." "I want ice cream." "I have a pen I have an app-" yeah you get the idea It's also worth noting that gender doesn't come into play when you're speaking in the 1st person at all Boy or it's still just "I" In the Englh language we only have gender-specific pronouns when we're using the 3rd person And furthermore in Englh every sentence needs a subject That's actually NOT the case in Japanese but that's a topic a whole other. A valid email required (you'll be sent a verification link). Redrawing necessary all those times you have text not inside bubbles or on a white / black background but actually placed on top of art It wouldn't even be all that bad if Japanese wasn't written top-down and right to left so it's impossible to just cover it with Englh text and we often spend the longest time removing that text and then applying the Photoshop tools and drawing skills we have at our dposal to make it appear like there was never any Japanese text there to begin with That literally re-drawing the image behind the text It does help though of course if that page already typeset and you only have to redraw the bits that are still vible from beneath that. A few (rather important) new characters and epithets were introduced in week's chapter We ended up going back and th a few times with the romanization of their names and there appears to be a bit of confusion among you all as well so I thought I'd just come ward and clear. Are you an exting user? Then log in to see your favorited games here! Don't have an account yet? Be sure to sign up to use feature. Ps: Here's a great tutorial resource that you better be prepared to read and re-read if you're serious about joining:  350 we did the update already ~24h ago about 2 days bee the new chapter coming in and we'll definitely try to do those updates asap but generally speaking re-reading it on Thursdays your safest best Let me know in the comments if you'd like facebook updates on that progress To give you an idea we updated 1-2 bubbles on about half the pages While I wouldn't say that any of the changes affect the overall understanding of the chapter most of them do contribute a lot to helping the dialog make more sense than previously instance we changed the assumed speaker on 1-2 occasions changed the implied (groups of) people in some other bubbles and improved the overall flow in everything else In short: It's definitely worth re-reading especially if you want to be sure that you have the most complete understanding of what happened. Whenever it's just half of something that's a great thing - that means you have something to go by and can sometimes even clone-stamp from a different section of the page When you have nothing to go with it's literally drawing a whole chunk of art trying to match the respective ka's drawing style and so on Pretty tough deal right? It and that's probably why competent capable and long-lasting redrawers are the hardest position to fill in a scanlation group Never mind how thankless of a job it ; best case scenario nobody mentions a thing cause they don't notice it - worst case it's obvious and it bothers people and they bitch at you And any redrawers' strongest critic he/she him/herself having sometimes spent hours on a single page knowing all of its individual pixels by name and hence seeing any possible screw-ups that most readers wouldn't even notice ly bad people with OCD I speak from experience. So you've decided to learn Japanese great Many of you are most likely not sure how to embark on enormous task One common mtake not setting any short mid and long term goals How motivated are you ly how much time are you willing to invest on a daily/weekly bas and what would you like to achieve? could be reading watching anime reading novels playing Karuta communicating with your significant other or friends traveling acquiring lingutic knowledge having fun and the lt goes on and on There are two different kinds of motivation I will talk about: the intrinsically and the extrinsically driven Intrinsic motivation the kind of motivation that comes from within It usually something you like doing Some examples of. Next time I will be talking about input and output in language learning Good luck with your studies! - Anon Me Myself and I: Japanese Pronouns in Posted Oct 15th 2016 by beta Hey there fans! Turk here with my first ever blog post as I prepare to ring in my 1 year anniversary translating at MS Took me long enough Anyway today I thought I'd delve into the exciting and wondrous world of Japanese personal pronouns! something that came up in a translation I worked on recently and I thought I could shed some additional light on it in the blog where I have more space Sound boring enough you? Well bear with me a minute here. Next let's talk about name ordering was basically just my mtake those who aren't aware Japanese names are traditionally written with one's surname or "last" name first Obama Barack Smith Will etc In certain series (Haikyu BNHA TG) we reverse the ordering because it can be confusing readers to identify which a character's first name and which n't especially when they are referred to by both However there's a strong exting precedent NOT swapping names in One Piece because "Luffy D Monkey" just sounds weird We've gotten used to the other ordering and the rest of the names should follow suit I got about that week My apologies The name ordering now fixed; it took me a bit longer than I'd like to get around to having it switched however. Finally I just wanted to state - those complex difficult and often rambling bubbles are most definitely INTENDED to be difficult to understand they're meant to look long and complex and we aren't fans of removing that aspect in the translation by just summarizing what it says We're meant to feel like and enjoy it   Somewhere in Translation: 07 Posted Mar 8th 2016 by Jinn Literal vs Liberal Pt 2 - Profanity Heya Heya it's DzyDzyDino again. Oh and the other important thing; we've been working with a group channel similar to IRC a while now so all our translators share their dedicated channel and whenever anything comes up they have trouble translating with they can always buzz the others and get some advice or ideas It's ly useful both in terms of speeding up finding solutions problematic lines but also in the actual final quality we produce because there's so much input by all our people.  Notice how each one of these measurable vocabulary I would be using a Spaced Repetition system like Anki or Memre and review the words that were scheduled the day My study time would vary from 20 minutes a day to a couple hours depending on how I was feeling that day The key thing was to do something every day without breaking the streak I would not always meet my weekly goals but that would motivate me to work harder the following week. We read a lot of your comments and many of you feel profanity in feels inappropriate or doesn't seem like what a certain character would say the most part we try not to use profanity unless it actually adds something to the scene or character If a character who normally speaks in a rather tame tone suddenly starts speaking in a manner way more well vulgar than he normally speaks and popping off at people profanity an excellent way to illustrate that If we had to could we leave the profanity out? Sure Some translators choose not to use any Some translators have a vion of an anime/ world that's well PG as opposed to PG-13/R It's always a choice always up dcussion and apart from straight mtranslations there's always room debate In the end it all comes down to interpretation the translator/scanlation group and choices. Englh can be a very colorful language and when it comes to profanity you could paint Picasso Cockramming assmunching fuckmongering bitchfaced dickhole of a douche pirate I've heard colorful Japanese insults thrown around too around drunk and rowdy Japanese folk but the word "kuso" was not involved among them Calling people things like "Toxic Waste" and "Scattered Trash" and stuff like that Ugly stupid octopus etc If I was translating a serious Yakuza and some tough gangster who'd seen some shit was ly psed off at someone if he stood up slammed h ft down on the table and said "Vanh! You foolh octopus!" what we'd have a problem to communicate Unless he was talking to the comic relief in the series a magical dappearing cephalopod the time something like "Get the fuck out of my face you umm douche pirate."  You get the picture. I wouldn't be too ambitious with your weekly goals at first If you're a novice language learner you will need time to adapt to a daily study schedule and need more time to do some of activities lted above Heck you'll need time to figure out how long the activities lted above will take you in the first place. I'd set one or two goals myself and try to complete them Once you get more comtable with the study schedule you can try and add more to it.  Conclusion Without putting a study plan together it will be very hard you to stay on track You don't have to do it the exact same way as I did but at least have some understanding and record of your long mid and short term goals What you study also less important than the fact that you're actually studying and putting in the time. Ly what most important that you have the spare time you are willing to dedicate to and the ability to learn on your own from various tutorials out there and the feedback you'd receive from the senior members We don't have any minimum time requirements or anything like that but if you're busy with a demanding job wife kids and other hobbies ly n't you and why the heck would you even consider applying anyway? If you're going to college and have a few hours every day where you just don't do shit and would rather be productive with a fun hobby instead of watching that 12th re-run of the Big Bang Theory then come on in our doors are open ya Obviously anything in between works. Hey there Anon here In the comments many of you ask us how we learned Japanese I decided to write a short blog series about how I personally learned the language since you all seem to be really interested in how the process can go - there's plenty of other paths than my own naturally. Today we'll be covering reasons for learning the language and setting appropriate goals This series will be written from the point of view of a self-learner I will cover classroom learning in another post later in this series Goals & Motivation Great! If that email matches an account on Stream expect to receive a message from us in the next few minutes with further instructions We only work on series we love but that doesn't mean we only love what we work on There are other great series out there that in a perfect world we could potentially pick up but our plate's pretty full right now as it We only have so many members and so much time Of the 10 weekly series we carry 7 are from one single magazine (update: with HxH on hxhiatus it's only 6 :( ) We get those in raw mat every Thursday - all at once Pretty much all of us either go to university or have a proper job; we outgrew our nerdy high school selves 5-10 years ago We're nerdy adults now Busy nerdy adults. But as I mentioned above it the staff's darling so we go through extra lengths it We have several translators going through the chapters bubble by bubble offering alternative readings ( better understanding; Japanese often doesn't clarify who talking to who or about who as pronouns tend to be omitted and/or unclear.) Given the length of the chapters and people involved our goal to have an updated final as-close-to-perfect-as-possible chapter that we're all very happy with by the following week Thus we highly recommend that you all re-read the previous week's chapter now bee reading the current one.  It's been a little while since my last update and that I apologize In between getting perpetually sick and being ly busy with other projects I just had problems finding the time! But I'm back to pick up where I left off! Last time I wrote a bit about Literal vs Liberal translations Since then it's something I've been even more aware of than usual while translating and reading.  One area where Literal vs Liberal ly raes some questions profanity First let's talk shit.  Shit shit shit What shit? A "profane" word fecal matter? A vulgar expletive? A casual word among perhaps younger and more "rowdy" people "stuff"? I'm taking a shit Oh shit!! Oh shit Look at shit everywhere You're in deep shit now Are you shitting me? I don't give.     -あたし (atashi): A derivative of "watashi" but an extra-feminine version Only women and very flamboyant men will use one Characters like Nami in One Piece favor pronoun     -儂 (washi): one used by old men at least in media It's kind of a stereotype but living in southwestern Japan I've definitely heard it used by old folks from time to time Anyway using one just makes you sound like a grandpa Which quite fitting since it's used by Ryo-san in Kochikame which until its conclusion a couple weeks ago one might say was the grandfather of Weekly Shounen Jump It was serialized an astounding 40 years! More. Extrinsically driven motivation doesn't always last very long and it can be hard to then motivate yourself to keep going It's not always a bad thing however There's also not always a very clear dtinction between the two Sometimes people just aren't driven internally (yet) and need a little push to get started Over time might develop some intrinsic motivation but that  not always the case Use it or lose it Keeping yourself motivated in my opinion the hardest task when it comes to learning a language even more so a difficult language like Japanese ( native Englh speakers at least) It's more comparable to an ultramarathon than a sprint or even an exhausting jog that matter. Now that I think about that n't the best way to encourage you all to apply the task huh? xD  It fun at the same time I prome It's rewarding because you get to see the result of your work on the page right when it's completed and despite the rumors that we're all a gang of evil pricks we're actually a fun little private community of hardcore fans from all walks of life and it's a lot of fun to work within our group that I. © 2018 Stream | Privacy Policy | RSS FeedPlease support the authors by purchasing the volumes from official avenues when they are available in your locale.     -僕 (boku): Inmal Most commonly used by boys as it gives off a childh vibe You may hear it used by s who are boyh in nature however (especially in anime and other media) One example of Diane from Seven Deadly Sins.  These are things you wouldn't procrastinate on you'd do them without a second thought because you enjoy it find it interesting challenging thrilling etc Having intrinsically driven motivation going to be very beneficial in the long run Learning a language not all fun and games though not everything will be that enjoyable What fun in learning a language also very different from person to person You should try to find things in the language learning process that are fun to you Extrinsic motivation Extrinsic motivation usually comes from an outside source You might not always like it it could feel more like a chore Some examples of. Making an account on Stream fast and easy Your account lets you comment on releases & news and you can show your support by subscribing (ad- Stream!) Already have an account? please log in instead Are you interested in joining our team? You can not only help us improve the quality further release faster and lighten the workload on our team but also join a super cool club of ly hardcore fans (and surpringly pretty fun people) - we do have a lot of fun otherwe we wouldn't bother coming back week after week and we're willing to teach you all you need to know to be of use We went out of our way and prepared a um entirely dedicated to showing you the ropes no matter which position you're interested in As of now not all sections are completed but you can find out all about the status and positions we need to fill right. Don't have an account yet? Create one now it's. I keep coming back to "kuso" also because that's ly the only direct profanity translation there There's nothing fuck Fuck? A vulgar way to describe two people having sex? It's a lot more than that I won't lt the options here When translating vulgarity in usually you take a look at the character and how the phrase compares to their regular speech what they're saying way more ward than what they'd usually say? Or are they the kind of character that usually speaks pretty loose/brash to begin with? Apart from expletives name-calling also a pretty common place profanity In japanese name calling usually starts with "kono!!" (with what comes after it implied possibly) or "Kono ______!!!" now If we were being super literal (and I have seen plenty of bad scanlations/translations that have done ) we would translate "kono" to the literal "!!!"  Wow I can't believe it's been almost a year since the last blog post Sorry about that folks We still love ya all.  The last year's just been pretty rough schedule changes and personal matters have had their toll on us and the amount of energy and time we had left over scanlators-to-fans communication was subsequently pretty limited However things are beginning to easen up again so here we are back Didn't just come back either We've ltened to all the great feedback you've been providing and worked on  elaborate project behind the scenes to hopefully start getting rid of all the bad ads the untunate by-product of keeping us up and running Check page  all the info.

{Text} Categories {text} ({games_number}) More often than not you will have a mix of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation You will like certain parts of the language learning process but you might absolutely despe some of it as well To make sure that you'll still be on journey a year from now we will need some planning You'll want the learning process to be as rewarding as possible and make the process itself fun whenever you can could example be done by including your favorite anime or drama series in your studies Long term goals These are some examples of the kind of goals you might like to achieve near the end of your studies (although you never ever finh learning a language there's always something you didn't know yet) These are harder to quantify and wouldn't make very good short or mid. このやろう!! Kono yarou!! Yarou literally being a guy dude whatever But depending on context can be very vulgar How vulgar? It depends on the situation If you're shouting angrily at someone and say it'd come across as "You motherfucker!!" or "You bastard!" or whatever else depending on how you say it and who you are and who they are But of course if we're being super literal we'd go " GUY!!" What are we? Guidos? "Ayyye! guy!! guy right 'ere? Can you believe guy?" No No we are not 殺す コロス ぶっ殺す ぶっ殺してやる Here's some favorites The kanji in above korosu or "to kill." If we're being super-duper literal with no concept of Japanese language whatsoever we'd type that into google translate and see it pops up as "to kill" and be like "To kill!!"  However after thinking about it a bit more I ized it was more important to preserve the commonality in the patterning of the Vinsmoke children's names As many of you probably already know the Vinsmoke siblings introduced so far all have a number at the beginning of their names Additionally with the introduction of Yonji and Reige/Reiju we can perhaps guess that the pattern "number + j + vowel." The "Reige" spelling goes against patterning and makes it seem like Reiju somehow unique or different than her siblings a conclusion I would rather avoid readers jumping to So I ended up switching the name back happened pretty soon after the chapter was released within about 10 minutes. We know you trust us to bring you a quality meaningful scanlation every week and appreciate your readership We love the series we translate and make every choice with as much inmation and intent as possible As translators we try to convey all the meaning we found when reading the original Japanese raws into Englh I had a lot more to say and a lot more examples but went on way longer than I expected already Perhaps I'll revit topic at a future date as I know it's one that's constantly being addressed Until then from me and the crew here at stream thanks as always your readership and we hope to continue to bring you timely scanlations of the highest quality we can muster the seeable future! Peace out bitches -DzyDzyDino If you have a Stream account but you've gotten your password please enter your email below and we'll send you some instructions to recover it Process automatic Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly Please allow up to 5 seconds…

In the case of Hunter x Hunter we have our most veteran translator working on the series whose translations we generally only look through typos and such and who makes those lightning-fast releases possible in the first place by staying up well into the early morning hours every week us all However HxH not an easy series to translate by any means Not only it extremely text-heavy but often also worded very ambiguously with complex grammar and vocabulary; especially so in the current arc where Togashi throwing one complex scenario into the mix after another along with dictionary-styled explanations them all — leaving us feeling. While the translators' quills are scratching away the cleaners get started on their magic Sadly WSJ printed on 100-fold recycled paper that wouldn't pass toilet paper in most households and with as little ink used as possible Which understandable considering their weekly circulation in the millions and magazines are typically thrown away after reading anyway but yeah doesn't make it any easier us So the cleaners do their thing and ideally start cleaning pages that require redraws so we can start on those as soon as possible too. We're looking anyone with some experience with Photoshop ly It may seem like you need to be an artsy person and it certainly helps a lot if you are and can draw (maybe even with a graphic tablet?) but at least 50% of all redraws are about knowing your tools Your clone stamp tool your healing brush your dodge and burn tools the line or brush tool and most definitely the selection tools If you have those under your belt from appliances outside of redrawing chances are you already have what it takes to take a shot at and help out your favorite team release those favorite series. On that note let's look at the Japanese side of things Untunately things aren't quite as simple There are different 1st person pronouns that are used in different regional dialects by different genders and in different social settings Some of them could get you in a lot of trouble if used when talking to your boss example It's ly amazing how much the Japanese language can change depending on the relative social standings of the people in the conversation Even Japanese people struggle with honorific speech referred to as keigo (once again a topic another post ) So now that we've establhed that there are many 1st person pronouns let's look at some of them starting with some common ones:     -私 (watashi): Relatively mal (you can use it when talking to superiors) and usable by both men and women.  But so what someone struggling their life enraged and out of control saying bukkorosu!! We translate as "I'm LY going to kill you!!" or even better "I'm going to kill you" IN BOLD? Come on No Context people "I'm gonna fucking kill you!" at the very least "You're fucking dead."  It ly depends And again it might not always be profane It ly depends so much on context Profanity not as cut and dry as it in Englh There are not simply "bad words" you don't say If we're going there there's whole manners of speech you shouldn't use and there's a proper way to conduct yourself and anything going against those would be "profane" in some way depending on context. I've often heard the excuse from people that they simply can't find the time to study every day I'd say bullshit % of all of you out there There so much dead time during the day You could be reviewing vocabulary while you drop the kids off at the pool read a page of a study book while you're waiting in line think in the language or review a grammar point while taking public transportation to work or school etc It's not that you can't find the time you make it so you have time it if truly important to you Setting short mid and long.     -わたくし (watakushi): Also another way to read "watashi" one pretty much as mal and polite as it gets Consider using if you ever find yourself talking to the Emperor Or maybe if you were a butler serving h master or something     -内 (uchi): You might hear one if you ever find yourself in Osaka or Kyoto because it's often used in the Kansai dialect Even then though it's much more favored by women than men If you're familiar with "Ore Monogatari" or "My Love Story" in Englh the adorable Yamato likes to use pronoun although that story takes place in Tokyo if I recall correctly.  Lt can go on and on and although in some cases maybe it literally referring to fecal matter not always So the japanese dictionary equivalent shit くそ (kuso) doesn't fit in all these (or nearly any) situations "Kuso" ly just a more vulgar term feces that can be used as an expletive The pure Englh concept of profanity though doesn't ext the same way in Japanese You can be profane and vulgar without using "kuso." You can be profane just by how you talk and who you're talking to I keep bringing up "kuso" a few reasons One because that's the one people tend to know and easily / readily available to look up Two because frankly that's just about where the direct translations stop. - vox Hunter x Hunter Translations Inmation Posted Apr 20th 2016 by beta Just got a quick info regarding Hunter x Hunter you today The series takes about 2-3 times as long to translate as One Piece (the 2nd longest series in our weekly line-up) but at the same time many of us on the team it's their favorite.  We have various systems of proofreading set up all our series ranging from simply reading through it while typesetting (putting the text into the bubbles) and making sure there aren't any typos to having a 2nd translator attached to a series who reads both the raws and the primary translation fully - making sure no meaning lost and often offering alternative phrasing options to the primary translator. Skill. Thar just compiled a little imgur album with a few examples of bee and after redraw panels Some of those examples are all about clone-stamping accurately (those gray patterns the stuff that looks like a chessboard basically) and spot-on if you're even 1 pixel off it looks off so zoom in there and and make ALT+CTRL+Z a shortcut cause you'll use it a lot to go back a step Others are more about having an understanding the art and connecting lines getting the curves correctly and to look natural Check it out yourself If you're interested check out the application page here and send your attempt to smokybarrettms [at]  along with some other inmation like your age time-zone experience etc.  If you do however generously decide to become a supporter chances are we can get rid of ads completely in the future We're also brain-storming a few additional perks One of them my favorite to put together a "translator magazine" of sorts with articles and opinion pieces by our staff elaborate translation notes reviews that sort of thing maybe even with some public participation and a Q&A corner - that sound like something you'd be interested in? I'll pay special attention to the posters saying "yes" who have a certain badge next to their names ;) Anyway that's all we had to say now There was a lot of new code added so please bear with us if anything breaks we'll try and take care of it asap <3 Edit: To comment on blog click on. Along with that stuff we have also implemented our very own dcussion software coded from scratch by our awesome admin So if you've been a frequent participant in dcussions on our site make sure to get an account or use the social sign in and you're good to go Obviously all stuff new so if you come across any bugs please just report them here and we'll take care of it asap What else there? Oh right A public service announcement: Nothing changes you don't have to become a "supporter" to keep reading here and that'll never change So please don't stress just those who want to donate on a regular bas.  Dress Up Beauty Cooking Let's talk about Sanji's older ster Her name in katakana レイジュ pronounced "Ray-joo." The standard romanization name would be "Reiju." Initially I wasn't too much of a fan of spelling as I felt it didn't look appropriately "feminine." She herself clearly quite feminine and her charms/flirtyness are a part of her character At first then I didn't (and still don't) feel that the word "Reiju" looked like the kind of name a character like that should have Her name very close to the word "Rouge," a relatively common name similar "sexy possibly villanous woman" archetype characters (Anyone ever played Sonic Adventure 2?) I theree decided that Reige would be a better romanization; it maintains the pronunciation while fitting more with the image of the character. Anyway those of you who stuck it out all the way to the end I ly appreciate it and I hope you all learned something! I'll see you all on dqus the ums reddit or maybe in the blog again someday! Until next time!       An Insight Posted Jul 14th 2016 by Jinn We're often asked how we manage to release so many projects every week and it seems to be often wrongly assumed that we simply have a big team - we don't Let me tell you a little about the secret to our productivity: it's all about our fine-tuned workflow! The process itself then pretty straightward Let's look at Thursdays - we get our seven series sometimes eight (every 4th week we get a ~45 page Boruto chapter on top of it all now) and make them available to our translators most of which have one series to work on There one that carries three (update: two now damn you Togashi ruining my point - yay after-the-fact-edit humor though) on h shoulders alone But he's a vampire who doesn't sleep at night so there's some special advantages there our Shokugeki no Soma translator though instance raws come in around midnight h time and he's a financial analyst - so he needs h beauty sleep of course That incidentally the reason why we take longer to release that one than the rest; it's only completed after he's back from work the next day (update: which why we switched to another translator who no worries also a. Short term goals These are the goals you'd like to achieve in the next week-month Some examples are: Study a chapter of a textbook Learn 100 new words Read a volume of a simple shonen Watch 5 epodes of an anime with Japanese subtitles Analyze a translation of your favorite series Lten to a Japanese podcast daily You want something that you can measure something that you can tick off in a to-do lt That will help you to stay on track and improve in the long term Every Sunday I'd sit down and write down my goals the next week I'd keep track of what I did every day and would check the weekly goals I had completed that day A week could look something like the following: Felt like rambling a little Redrawing as most of you already know about removing the original Japanese text on the images on all the occasions where text not in bubbles boxes or on otherwe neat clean and solid white or black color background It'd be called just "drawing" but it's ly about trying to fill in what's once been there and it's often just a fragment like half of someone's face or half of a building. We prioritize cleaning and redraws series based on two factors: ease of translation/cleaning and personal preference Bleach done first because it's usually got less text than your average ingredients label It's usually light on redraws too We've got a few huge OP/HxH fans on the staff and the TLers tend to finh those quickly as well so those are done next So to summarize: Receive scans -> simultaneously start translating and cleaning -> prioritize cleaning the pages requiring redraws -> prioritize cleaning the series that are translated sooner -> use translations to typeset pages -> finalize redraws with the Englh text on them while the non-redraw pages are being typeset. You'll want to set your mid and short term goals with these in mind as those will have to contribute to achieving your long term goals Mid term goals These are the goals you might want to achieve in the next couple months to a year Examples of these could be: Finh a textbook Finh reading a novel Read your first volume Learn 3000 words Learn 500 kanji Watch a season of an anime without Englh subtitles These goals are harder to complete in a short amount of time but easier to quantify compared to the long term goals Every couple months I would review these and update when needed They are the foundation my short term goals Not all of these goals would be very fun to achieve but they could lead to rewarding results You'll eventually see progress towards your long term goals and that will drive you to work even harder. Not that we don't proofread and quality check as well Every redraw double-checked and so the typesetting The releases on a whole are read by a bunch of people our staff has some pretty intense fans these series after all We spend hours dcussing arcs plotlines characters and whatnot in the chat So whenever we find something off or that could still be improved afterwards it's also brought up and the page updated Plus we do read your comments a lot more than you might think Partly to make sure we don't ms any mtakes that you all do us the favor of pointing out or to answer questions when they may are Mostly because we like hearing what you all have to say ly So yeah basically the process repeated throughout the day with some people coming and others going And now to get to the actual point why I even bothered to write all up; We'd love some. {Text} View more results Apps Animals Simulation Decoration

Kill a strong word and without getting into who would / wouldn't say and too far out of subject the most usual context would be "I'm gonna kill you" "I'll kill you." But again it's so context based it's not going to be translated as that in every situation.  It's a pretty heated thing to say and sometimes they'll inflect even more "passion" into it with that little bu- prefix which kind of adds strength into the following verb (like the internet favorite Kake meaning to cover with or to put on (top of) Adding a Bu- emphas leaves you with something another dcussion entirely.) The most important factor in successfully learning a language  the frequency you engage with the language You don't always have to be actively studying it; just using the language like reading and speaking the language could be enough depending on your current level in your target language You'd ideally want to use it every day even if it's only 20 minutes a day 20 minutes every day would yield better results in the long term than one long 2-3 hour study session during the weekend.